Oak Grove Activities

Oak Grove knows every child has different talents, that’s why we have a wide array of programs for students! Be it athletics, fine arts, or travel; our school has plenty of clubs and extracurricular activities for your child to join!

Organizations & Clubs

Travel Opportunities

Mission Trip Experience: Grades 9-12
Contact: Tracy Aaker and Steph Deitz

High school students have the opportunity to take part in mission trip experiences during the school year and in the summer. Past experiences have included trips to Guatemala, Peru, and New Mexico where we support our partner organizations.

Concert Choir/Band Tour: Grades 9-12
Contact: Seth Brandl & John Juhl

Each spring, the Concert Choir embarks on an 8-10 day U.S. tour. The students, as ambassadors for Oak Grove, spread the Mission and Word of God through their music and showcase the incredible vocal arts programs at Oak Grove. The Concert Band tours every other year.

CloseUp: Grades 7-12
The CloseUp Trip to Washington DC is an experience taken in coordination with the CloseUp class. Each spring, Oak Grove students join other students from across the nation for the opportunity to dive deeper into our government and political system and see the sights of DC.

Travel Studies/English Humanities Trip: Grades 9-12
Every other summer, high school students and adults have the opportunity to travel overseas for 2-3 weeks exploring the culture and scenery of a different country. Students who plan to take the trip are required to take a course in conjunction with the travel experience. Past trips have included: Australia and New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, and England, Italy, Greece, and Norway.